We make FREE website for you!

just pay for hosting - website ready in 48-72 hours

Tourn on the music if you like :)


Look what kind of website elements we use to build website for you.


everything above just for hosting value!

including project, hosting, subdomain, email address

only €50 for one year


Just 3 steps before you. Then your site will be live globally.

step 1

Use contact form

Send information

which site you want,

Within 24 hours we

answer your request

and will begin

work on the website.

step 2

Wait for project

Wait for the completed project. We will send you the preliminary draft of the page according to your guidelines. You can ask for correction until the final satisfaction with the project.

step 3

Pay to finalize

Your website is ready and has to pay for hosting. Immediately after posting the money in our account, we run a page on your domain and

turn on the mail.

That's all!

1. Do not pay anything in advance, only after approval of the project.

2. Most of the projects are made within 48-72 hours.

3. Hook your own domain or use a free subdomain.


Have a look for sample pages.


Answers for popular questions.

Do I need pay in front?

Do you offer support?

No! Just pay after accepted project. You first seen for what you must pay.

Yes, we offer support  for design, hosting and every aspect of our service.

Do you use CMS?

What payment  options you offer?

No, we make static websites withouth back end. Most people don't need CMS, typical HTML website is enough for business presntation, exactly like our website. Right?

You can pay by directly to our bank account or by paypal.

Can I change something by myself?

Need sign any contract?

Yes. We give you password and you will be able to change text and pictures, but you can't change layout.

No! If you are happy just pay yearly for hosting, and your site will be live, if not just don't pay. That's all. Fair?

Why is so cheap?

Why you offer contact only by email?

Because We don't offer you huge content systems if you really don't need them, so you can pay less for nice and modern website.

Because to questions by email we can back enytime and check what should be done. Due to high volume of calls We decide contact our clients only by email and chat.

are you ready to working together?

simple use contact form and get your website soon :)


Use our contact form to ask questions, also you can order website simple using this form.

Please describe in a few words, the subject of the page you want to order. We will contact you immediately and begin to design the page for you. Your site can be ready and "live" in 48-72 hours :)

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